Up from the grave he arose

I planted my amaryllis bulbs on Saturday. I'd kind of forgotten about them and suddenly realized that it's about time I do something with those bulbs down in the basement or it will be kinda past the point! (If the point is to have flowers blooming in winter I'm already past that point!)

So I pulled them out - I have about 20 - and now they're lining the living room windows looking a little bit sad and making me wonder if some of them are going to do anything at all, as they're looking, well...dead.

But therein lies the beauty of a bulb, eh?

My tulips and daffodils are popping up out of the ground outside already. They're not dead. And I guarantee you, that as they have every other year, my amaryllis bulbs aren't dead, either.

Despite their appearance. Despite how things look. Despite how things seem.

Despite the fact that Jesus had been crucified, killed, entombed.

Despite the appearance of the situation...everything was going to be okay.

Was he dead?


Was he wrapped in cloth like a mummy and left in a sealed tomb?


Had all hope fled for the disciples?

Well, a lot of it had, yes.

But Jesus did not disappoint.

Up from the grave he arose!


Christ arose!

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