Thoughts on our Through the Bible reading...part 1

Phew! I just got caught up on 4 days of our Through the Bible reading! Yes, I was behind and it took a while to catch up. I'll try to not let that happen again!

I have never before read through the Bible chronologically. I've read straight through a few times but not the chronological way, so that's interesting to me to be changing things up a bit. To be honest, I'm kinda glad that Job is done already! That doesn't sound very nice, but I admit that Job is a challenge for me to enjoy. That's why I was so glad to come across a resource that has helped me in understanding what we're reading! I wanted to share this with you all as this is something that might help you as well.

It's called The Bible Recap and, handily enough, it's also chronological. The readings aren't EXACTLY the same as the daily readings we've been doing, but just one chapter off, so far. So that's not a problem. And since it's chronological - ordered by the time of the Bible events, as is our reading program, it should be the same all along the way - and if not, one can just turn to the right section in one's book!

SO...there are several ways to get The Bible Recap or Bible Recap helps if you're interested, and Amazon has them all. (Not that I mean to promote a certain website, but it sure is handy. I'm sure you can find it other places as well.)

1) The Bible Recap: A One-Year Guide to Reading and Understanding the Entire Bible by Tara-Leigh Cobble. This is a short overview of each day's reading and ends with a very short look at how God is working in the situation covered by the reading. I've been using this all along and it actually helped me appreciate the book of Job more! My version is an e-book that I purchased but you can also get it as a free podcast called The Bible Recap.

2) The Bible Recap Study Guide: Daily Questions to Deepen Your Understanding of the Entire Bible. This has daily questions for you as you do your reading/listening. It's good for personal use/growth. I have not purchased this but it looks quite nice and helpful to keep you focused.

3) The Bible Recap Journal: Your Daily Companion to the Entire Bible. This looks like a useful tool if you're a journaler - which I am not, so haven't purchased it - but I can see that the daily questions would be good to keep you focused and thinking about how this applies to YOU.

SO... I hope that these resources might be helpful to you to at least look into - and the podcast is free, so why not?

I am glad that we're back into the story part of Genesis - I love these old stories and seeing how God used imperfect people to do His will...just as he can use us, imperfect as we are, to do his will in today's world! God is still working in the world, and I'm excited that we're going through his Word together this year to get to know and understand our father better than we've ever known him before!

Okay...back to my reading!

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