Sunshine on my shoulders

I wrote this blog post in April. For some reason, I never posted it. Today, when I opened the webpage, there the photo of our cat, Zephyr, sound asleep in the sun, jumped out at me.

Zephyr knew how to just BE.

He died a month and a half after I wrote the draft for this post. The draft I closed and forgot all about until today.

And so, I give you a photo of sleepy Zephyr, and suggest even more strongly that we need, from time to time, to take a leaf from his playbook and simply BE.

Below is my original, finally published, post...

There are definitely days when I wish I could just take a leaf from my cat's playbook and lie around in the sunshine all day moving with the shifting sun, lounging, relaxing. That doesn't happen too often, in my world!

Or ever, really. Not literally, anyway.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the sunshine through the windows and extremely glad that the temperatures are above freezing and the winds are below 30 miles per hour! Somehow sunshine just makes a day feel happier. Indeed, "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy..."

I do admit, however, that I don't like it when the temperatures get too high. Finicky as a cat, I know. (Somehow cats are on my mind, today.)

So what's my point in all of this cat-and-sunshine business? What am I getting at?

Simply this: sometimes I just need to be still. And so do you, I'd wager. Are you running from meeting to meeting, from commitment to commitment, from deadline to deadline? I'm not saying you should take a vacation - sometimes a person simply cannot make that happen - but, perhaps, you could find a moment or two to simply BE?

To sit in the sunshine with your eyes closed?

To breathe deep and put your feet up, even just for five minutes?

Grab a book.

Make a pot of tea.

Or coffee.

Or at least get a glass of cool water.

Without cell phone at the ready.

Without the television on.

Without interruption.

Simply exist for a few moments. Apart from duties. Apart from the crazy.

Just be still...and know that He is God. (Psalm 46:10)

I know. Easier said than done sometimes.

But give it a go. Just be still. Just know. Just bask in the sunshine of God's love for you.


Nancy Galland - July 5th, 2023 at 6:38pm

I have a small plaque in my office. It says “ BE STILL” As much as I say “ God needs to talk louder” I really need to be more STILL so he can speak. Actually I’m probably afraid of what He would say!!!!

- July 10th, 2023 at 10:23am

Lol, yes, it can be scary sometimes! And yes, I think we ALL need to be still more often and just listen.