We’re used to answers popping up on a screen right in front of us.  But when the questions examine the truths that give meaning and purpose to life, finding the answers takes more than simply typing a few words and pushing a button.  Adam Hamilton believes that powerful answers to many of our complicated questions are contained in the Apostles’ Creed, an early statement of foundational Christian beliefs.  In Creed, he explores not only what Christians believe, but also why they believe, and why it matters, which in turn leads readers to confront and examine their own core beliefs and go beyond reciting the Creed’s familiar words.  The book is part of a six-week study continuing on Sunday, October 15th at 4:00 p.m.


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It doesn’t get much more dramatic: rescued baby, life in the courts of Pharaoh, parting the Red Sea, leading his people out of Egypt…Moses’ life was one challenge after the next, but although he resisted God’s calling, by the end of his life he successfully fulfilled the role he was given.  Join us on Sunday, October 29th at 4:00 p.m. with award-winning author Adam Hamilton as he travels from Egypt to Mt. Sinai, the Nile, the Red Sea, and the wilderness exploring the sites of Moses’ life.  As Hamilton shares historical information, archaeological data, and biblical text, you’ll gain a better understanding of Moses’ significance in your life today, and you’ll discover how you, too, can turn your own reluctance into boldness.  This six-week study takes place at First UMC Fellowship Hall each Sunday beginning October 29th.  There is a sign up sheet in First’s narthex and books are available for $5.00.  

How Do We Grow?

The question that lies within the heart of every maturing believer.  Shot on location in the Redwood forests of Northern California, this video paints a beautiful portrait of God's work in our spiritual journey, likening it to the steady growth of a giant Redwood tree.